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Sales Philosophy

Have you visited a horse facility recently to purchase a horse and felt pressured to buy? Felt that your skills were under scrutiny? Were you hesitant to ask questions for fear of being "sized up?" Did you feel "rushed" to make a decision?    Geldings for Sale

 Mares for Sale

 Stallions for Sale

Over the years, many people have shared these experiences. At Westwind Ranch we are as interested as you are, to find the right Paso Fino horse for YOU. We want you to be happy and satisfied that you have found the horse of your heart; that you have found an equine partner that will meet your needs for years to come. Such human-equine relationships can only begin in a relaxed, friendly and supportive atmosphere. This is the atmosphere we strive to achieve.

If you wish to look farther, we are happy to refer you to a co-operative network of Paso Fino horse breeders in Idaho and throughout the United States.

Linda Holzer with Duque, a Paso Fino gelding.
Gary Ebel with Aurora, a Paso Fino mare.
Christie Hartin with Simbad, a Paso Fino gelding.
Linda Holzer & Duque
“I was looking for a horse that I could trail ride, show and ride at Expos. I also wanted a horse that would give me confidence, but also challenge me. It was a tall order to fill. Duque is the perfect match for me.”
  Gary Ebel & Aurora
“My husband wouldn’t part with Aurora. She is just a GREAT horse for him!” Since purchasing Aurora from Westwind Ranch in 2004, Gary has logged many miles on rugged back country trails.

Christie Hartin “When I came to Westwind Ranch, I was given the opportunity to ride Simbad in a variety of settings. I really appreciate getting help from people who are knowledgeable and understand my needs.”


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